Monday, March 8, 2010

A Pillar Repair - Passenger Side

This corner of the windshield is the passenger (right side) A pillar, better known as Ty's Corner. Access to this pillar could only be made by cutting a panel out of the right front fender as shown. The windshield support structure was gone.
You could literally put your fist in the area where the structure should have been.
Ty cut out all the rusted areas and started welding in new steel.
The flat base plate shown is 16 gauge steel. All welds were ground smooth.
The back side of the A pillar was as bad as the front. Ty removed all the rusted areas then welded in 18 gauge sheet metal.
After all the welding was complete Ty applied generous amounts of JB Weld to fill in the nooks and crannies. This is done to prevent accumulation of moisture.
The JB Weld was sanded smooth and all areas were cleaned in preparation for primer.
A premium grade House of Kolor 2 part epoxy was applied.
Bonding strips were installed...
then the fender panel was clamped into place.
Ty's Corner only needs a little paint then we can consider this pillar done.

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