Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sandblasting Day 3

I love sandblasting! It's fun, peaceful, phones don't ring and it allows one to meditate and have a zen experience. I LIVE for sandblasting! Ty, if you don't hurry up and get over here there won't be much sandblasting left for you to do. I'll try to save you some but you better hurry. It rained off and on the third day of sandblasting. I estimate the frame is about 80% complete. The underside is not done and I hope to save that for Ty.
The spot with the red primer was applied to help read the frame identification number. Although some of the numbers are not legible we are confident the frame number matches the vehicle identification number. This is the original frame to the car and it's in very nice shape.
So far there has been about 11 hours of sandblasting and I've used 900 pounds of sand. Weld repairs begin Saturday and will fix the "smiley" hole in the front cross member and the two holes in the transmission cross member.


  1. For sandblasting the underside, can you flip the frame on its side, or at least flip it high enough to get a better angle for all that blasting ? Jim

  2. I hope to do one or the other. It all depends how heavy it is. If nothing else I'll use jack stands and do it while laying on my back.

  3. Nice frame, cant wait to see the rest of the car got some one near me with one on his driveway.