Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cool Desert Nights - 2016

It's Cool Desert Nights weekend in Richland, WA.  Dennis K. is in Phoenix and John S. is in Tennessee so Gerri and I are solo this year.

We were set up before 6:00 am. Look at my little ray of sunshine.

Our split window Corvette is cleaned up and ready for a full day of fun.

There were lots of new entries this rear.  I especially liked this guys collection of vintage Honda ATC 90 3-wheelers.  All are beautifully restored.

This Edsel was stunning.

Old Indian motorcycle with a wicker side car.  Beautiful!

This car was amazing.  It was slammed to the ground and stunning.

Vintage snowmobiles at a car show?   Makes sense to me.  I like it!

Of 800+ entries, this car won best in Show.  

A jewel of an engine.

Judging was complete mid-afternoon.  All 26 show winners were asked to stage their vehicles here in preparation for trophy awards. 

Yes, that's us back there!  Gerri and I were delighted to be selected as one of this years show winners.

We drove in the winners parade, parked in the winners circle and received this "Cool Ride" award.

This was probably my most fovorite KDN weekend.  Lots of new cars and beautiful weather.   1143 people approached us to discuss the split window, mechanical fuel injection and the paint job.  The paint job took the prize with 630 discussions.  When asked, "What color is that?", Gerri would always answer "Cobalt candy apple blue", which was always followed by "Wow!"

It was a really fun weekend!

(No, we didn't really count discussions (but I bet I am close)