Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cool Desert Nights - 2010 Vision

This is a video. Be sure to push the play button (triangle).

First Assembly

First assembly started about a week ago and it's the front suspension. A neoprene bushing kit was purchased to replace all of the rubber bushings. On this table are the upper and lower A arms and the steering linkage. All the parts were sand blasted, primered and painted. New upper and lower ball joints were also installed. Also in this picture is a gas shock for the steering linkage. This shock is not appropriate for our high performance engine and has been removed from this assembly.

Before the front suspension components could be installed the top of the frame had to be painted. Earlier in the week Eastwood's Rust Encapsulator was applied followed by a satin top coat. It looks very good.

In order to compress and install the coil springs the weight of the motor must be on the chassis. Before I could install the motor I had to complete the installation of the 6 quart oil pan which includes the installation of a windage tray. This tray comes with 5 special bolts that replace the standard crank cap journal bolts. In this picture I am verifying which of the main cap bolts must be removed.

The 5 special bolts for the windage tray are installed in this picture. The windage tray also uses one of the oil pump bolts. If you look close at the bolt pattern it looks like one bolt is missing. This empty hole is for the dip stick.

The 6 quart oil pan also uses a unique oil pump screen as see on the right. This screen is so unique that most auto parts stores will tell you than Chevy only made one screen for the 327, the one on the left. Fortunately I had the correct one and it's in good condition.

The 6 quart oil pan is installed and the motor is ready for the frame.

Dennis K. lent me his engine hoist and it worked perfect. Thanks Dennis. In this picture you can see the A arms are installed but lack coil springs.

With the motor bolted to the frame I was able to compress the coil springs and install the front axles. The steering linkage, Pittman arm, gear box and idler arm will be next. Stay tuned for more assembly.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Waiting for Chassis Paint

I am still waiting for paint. Thought I ordered a quart of Rust Encapsulator but I received a rattle can instead. I should have the correct stuff by Wednesday. The chassis has been flipped right side up and is ready for paint. If you double click on the picture you will see orange at various locations. These are disposable ear plugs and they will prevent the paint from clogging all the threaded connections. If you decide to try this make sure your ear plugs won't dissolve when sprayed with the type paint you will be using. That rattle can of paint didn't go to waist. I used it on the front suspension after I sand blasted everything. The A arms are not attached to the frame but they do have new neoprene bushings.
Our fuel injected 327 did not have the correct 6 quart oil pan. It came with a standard 5 quart as seen in the foreground. Several months ago I purchased the correct pan and I sand blasted, primered and painted it today. The belly of the 6 quart pan is significantly longer than the standard pan. This is the reason Corvettes with high performance motors didn't come with power steering. The pan created an interference.
Our first peek into the 327 is very nice. Everything looks brand new. I rotate the motor once a month to keep it limber.
Paint comes Wednesday. Look for another posting shortly thereafter.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting our C2 Chassis

Final wire brushing, grinding and welding was performed on the chassis today. Only a couple spots like this were found that needed welding.
The garage was draped in plastic to minimize over spray.
Rust Encapsulator by Eastwood was sprayed on with a spray gun then allowed to dry for 7 hours.
A satin top coat was applied using rattle cans and the final results are excellent. Even the garage cleaned up nicely. We will let the frame dry for several days before we flip it right side up.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

By Special Request - 1999 HD Fatboy Pictures

Jim Q. asked for some pictures of my Fatboy. I guess it shows up occasionally when I take pictures of the Corvette. Without flash or direct sunlight the color appears to be black. Ghosted candy apple flames appear when the light is just right.
I painted this bike about 2 years ago using House of Kolor paint. I must confess it looks really good. Double click on any of the photos for a close-up.