Thursday, June 4, 2009

327 Fuel Injected Motor, Air Cleaner and Ty

The following is the write-up for the motor and the air filter as written by Shaw City Engines.

This is a completely rebuilt 1963 L84 Chevrolet Corvette 327 360HP Fuel Injected engine. This is a very nice original engine as you can see in the pictures. The part numbers, casting numbers and date codes are as follows:Block-3782870 dated I-13-2Heads-3782461X dated I-10-2 and I-11-2Distributor-1111022 dated H-31-2Fuel injection unit- Part number 7017375 Serial number 1325Exhaust manifolds- 3797942 and 3797901Front pad stamp is FI006RF. This auction is for the engine and fuel injection unit only. The complete original air cleaner assembly will be made available to the winning bidder in a private listing at the end of this auction for an additional $7500.00. If the winning bidder on the engine does not want the air cleaner I will list it separately after the engine has closed. This is an extremely nice original air cleaner and it is complete with the screen cone filter element inside. There is no rust pitting, dents, dings or damage at all on the air cleaner assembly. It is definitely a show quality part as is the engine. The work done to this engine is as follows:1. Engine block has been oven cleaned, shot peened and magnafluxed. The block has no crack repair,or damage of any kind. It has been freshly moly honed and is std on the bore with no sleeves. New oil galley, freeze plugs, and dura bond cam bearings have been installed.2. Crankshaft is original forged steel, stock 3.25 stroke. Forging number on the crankshaft is 4577 and it is a factory high performance crankshaft that has been drilled and tapped for a bolt to retain the balancer. Crankshaft has been oven cleaned, magnafluxed and shot peened,(stress relieved) The crank is standard on both the rod and main journals. Connecting rods have also been oven cleaned and shot peened. They have been resized on the big end with new bolts and nuts, and balanced.3. The short block was assembled with new forged KB dome pistons. They yield the stock 11.00:1 compression ratio. New moly Hastings rings, new Clevite rod and main bearings, and a new high volume oil pump were installed.5. Camshaft is a reproduction of the 360HP Fuel injection grind. GM part number 3736097. It has been installed with new speed pro solid lifters, TRW pushrods, rocker arms, balls and nuts.6. Heads are original 1963, casting number 3782461X, dated September 10 and 11th of 1962. Valves are new Manley stock steel replacement. They are stock 1.94x1.50 size. Valve springs are Z28/LT1 replacement and the heads were upgraded to screw in rocker studs. Hardened exhaust seats and bronze guides have been installed along with a fresh 3 angle valve job.7. The Fuel Injection unit has been completely rebuilt recolored and restored. This is a very nice original 1963 unit with it's OEM ID tag, It is not a converted 64 or 65 unit as many people try to sell. The intake has no pitting or damage and it has never been welded or repaired. It is 100% complete with all of the impossible to find choke and linkage, correct fuel injection choke element, correct hardware, Restored original stamped steel cross flag emblem, linkage and lines and tubes. Also included is the rebuilt correct tachometer drive fuel injection distributor. It has new points, condenser, cap, rotor and the correct oil line.8. This engine is fully accessories ready to install and run. It comes with original correct 6 quart oil pan with baffle, canister oil filter, timing cover with correct big balancer pointer, NOS 8" finned harmonic balancer part number 3817173, 7 fin aluminum Corvette valve covers, and 2 1/2 inch 901 and 902 exhaust manifolds. It also is equipped with the correct early 1963 ignition shielding. This shield has three rivets in the top as opposed to the later two and does not have the provisions in the rear for tachometer ground cable. The shielding is complete even though the driver side shield is not installed in the pictures, it is included in the auction. Also installed on the engine is a rebuilt water pump with 1" bypass hole in the top and we have the correct dated Packard ignition spark plug wires!!. It is ready to install and run the only things that will need to be added are the pulleys and the alternator. If you are restoring a 63 corvette or you have a car with a low horsepower engine this would be a great way to add both desirability and value to your car.I would rather sell engine as a total package and keep engine and the restored complete early fuel injection air cleaner all together. We are a full service machine shop specializing in vintage engines of all makes and models, from stock to high performance..
is for a 1963 1964 1965 327 360HP and 375HP Corvette fuel injection air cleaner assembly. This air cleaner is in excellent condition with no rust holes or pitting, no dents or other damage.This air cleaner has been in my shop on my shelf since early 70's when my dad turn his 1964 into a autocross car, car is long gone.This air cleaner is all metal, no repo fiberglass unit. Air cleaner has no rust or rust pits or any modifications at all!! and is ready for a show car, nice original car or daily driver!!. It has been freshly cleaned, glass beaded and repainted with a new service instruction decal installed. All bail wire clips are intact and not broken or repaired. air cleaner also comes with a hose connection and clamps and air filter cone.
This is Ty T. pointing out that the 327 made it to our garage and is in our possession. In a couple weeks we intend to put the motor and the body on the chassis then enter the Corvette in Cool Desert Nights, a local car show that will have several hundred entrants. It's the biggest car show in the area and it should be a lot of fun showing off our project.

Post Script: We love this motor, however, the quality of the Shaw City Engines rebuild was not perfect.  For details click on the "327" posts in the LABELS section on the right.  


  1. Looks great, I just finished mine, What part of Wa are you from? Steve 3605882400. Congrats.

  2. Tri-Cities Steve. How about you?