Monday, June 22, 2009

Cool Desert Nights 2009 - We're Ready

The major components have been assembled and they look pretty good. Cool Desert Nights is this Saturday.
I am told by others that the hood will not be going to Cool Desert Nights because it isn't correct for a 1963 Corvette. Who am I to argue.
The 1967 big block hood looks pretty cool though.
This is how the car will look at Cool Desert Nights.
She's wearing her first piece of jewelry (gas cap cover). I am so proud.


  1. Wow - all you guys have made great progress. The body looks like its very close (already). Just think how good it will look like when you are all done ! Question, do you guys think the front springs are correct'for a small block ? (seems to be sitting high). Just curious on your thoughts. Jim

  2. Another way to look at this. With the car having a big block hood, and the car now sitting a little high in front with a small block (big block springs?), is it possible these are hints that maybe somebody put a big block in the car once upon a time? Jim

  3. Oh yea. Go to Kinko's and spend $20.00 and have them make you a hundred "simple" business card's with this web site, your email address, cell etc. and give these out at Cool Desert Nights. Creates a following for the build. The more people get involved in watching you and your progress, the more energy it creates for you ("keep pushing onward and upward" when this journey hits bumps now and then). PS - When I expand the pictures, I can see great detail (I know the serial number of the grinder you used when you were on your back). I am not kidding. Ha !!!! Jim..

  4. Jim, good eye. Yes, the front end does sit too high. Dennis S. (previous owner) was putting a drive train in the car from a 1975 L82 Corvette, a much heavier car. The drive train included motor, transmission, rear end, front coil springs, rear leaf springs, and front sway bar. All will be brought back to period correct condition during the restoration.

  5. John. Got another one for ya. look at the first pic of the engine in the car. Is the engine a little off dead center? I heard once that Chevy did this to help offset the torque that lifts and pulls the car to one side under heavy power. Just curious. Jim

  6. The engine does sit about one inch off center towards the passenger side. The books say this was done to compensate for the drivers weight. This also means the passenger side will be a little less spacious compared to the drivers side. Good eye.