Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool Desert Nights - 2009

Cool Desert Nights was a blast. We brought both the 1957 Chevy Nomad and the 1963 Corvette. I had intended to take the Corvette off the trailer during the car show but Gerri recommended leaving it on the trailer. That was a great idea and saved me a ton of work. The trailer didn't keep people from looking at the Vette. Not by any means... We were getting interest in the 63 even before we were able to set up camp.
I was even able to bolt on a period correct Hawaii license plate. Lots of people asked why it was there and when I told them the car came from Hawaii their jaws dropped. Then they smiled and wanted more information.
Cool Desert Nights was a screaming success. They estimated well over 700 entrants this year.
Tim M. stopped by for a little shade and a bit of socializing. No, that's not a strawberry daiquiri... it's a strawberry slush... :0)
The Nomad looked great and was a really nice addition to the car show. I am glad I brought it but, truth be told, it generated only a couple comments through out the day.
The car started getting a little dusty so I ran the California duster over it. It didn't help much.
We had lots of visitors. Rick and Nancy B, Mike and Diane H, Jack and Shirley M, Ty and Bonnie T, Steven and Kelsey S, Dewayne and Jane J, Tom and Ellen H, and many others.
Ty and Bonnie T arrived in style.
And this photo represents how I believe the majority of the day was spent. Tons of people taking great interest in the car and the story behind it. Everybody wore a smile (double click on the photo and see for yourself). Most everybody looked at it and reminisced about something. Gerri said we even had one guy rip off his glasses, lean way into the engine compartment looking for engine numbers, then he stood up with a smile on his face and told his buddies, "Yep, it's a real fuelie!" The day was great, met lots of friends and we had a blast. Can't wait til next year.


  1. New kid on the block with the best toy, eh? :)

  2. Nice. Very nice. Yuz guyz got sometin real good going on now. What % of the people really understood what the engine really "REALLY" was ? Jim

  3. If they took any interest in the motor they knew what they were looking at. The motor brought a smile to many a face. It was really nice to see others enjoy our project.

  4. Ok, we need updates. Jim