Monday, April 27, 2009

Misplaced Container???

An unexpected development has occurred. I received an email notification Saturday morning that the PODS container had arrived in Spokane. I called PODS 800 number and asked when I could pick it up and was told anytime after 8:00 am. Based on that, Max H., Matt P. and I went to the local U-haul, rented a car hauler and drove 175 miles to Spokane to unload the container. The PODS business was locked up tight but fortunately someone showed up about 45 minutes later. We were then informed the container had in fact not arrived and it was currently in transit from San Diego. The Spokane people apologized several times and they agreed to deliver the POD to Richland on Monday (today) or Tuesday. This morning I received another email notification that the container had arrived so I called Spokane to inquire about the delivery. They informed me they were not authorized to deliver the container to Richland and recommended I take up the issue with Platinum Services. To make a complicated story short, Spokane blames Platinum Services and Platinum Services says it’s Spokane’s problem. Aghhhh… Last discussion with both Spokane and Platinum Services is that the container still has NOT arrived. Its specific location is currently unknown. Standby for further developments…

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shipping Update

PODS called at 6:00 pm this evening and said the container is scheduled to arrive in San Diego, CA tomorrow morning between 9:30 am and 10:30 am.

4 Speed Tranny - Close Ratio

Based on clues from the car I believe this Corvette came with one of two high performance engines. Clues include the Heater Delete option and the higher redlining tachometer. In either case, the high performance Corvette engines in 1963 came with a close ratio, aluminum, 4 speed T-10 transmission. In order to make this car period correct the existing 1975 L-82 transmission will be swapped out for this recently purchased transmission found on eBay. This is a very nice period correct tranny for a 1962-63 340 hp or 360 hp engine. Pictures of the newly aquired transmission and the write-up from the ad follow. 1962-63 Chevrolet and Corvette Borg Warner T-10 4 speed transmission. The input shaft 10 spline and has no rings. The 1st gear ratio is 2:20, 2nd is 1:66, 3rd is 1:31, and 4th is 1. There are no chipped, cracked or broken teeth. All the gears look new. All of the gear engagement teeth look excellent. The input shaft is 10 spline and the output shaft is 16 spline. The main case has a casting number T10-1C GM 3782212 and has 7/8 inch bore and is dated D-19-62. Assembly date WE292 (May 29th,1962). The tail shaft housing has a number T10-7D dated 5-9-62. The side cover is dated 4-16-62. No vin or serial number on this tranmission. The case has never been cracked, chipped or repaired and has no stripped holes or heli-coils. All threads are excellent. No scrapes on the bottom. The tailshaft has never been cracked, chipped or repaired, no heli-coils. All threads excellent. The input collar is casting T-10-6A with a diameter of 4.680 inches. The gear engagement teeth look excellent with little to almost no wear. There is wear on the syncros, they do not have a nice sharp point. I don't beleive this transmission has ever been rebuilt, the inside if the transmission is as clean as the outside and has never been blown up. I beleive this transmission still has all the original bolts from front to back and has all the matching numbers front to back! You just don't find them this nice anymore!This transmission turns, shifts, and feels real good. I have not personally run this transmission. I have owned this transmission the last 35 years that it's been in storage. I inspect each transmission as thoroughly as possible before offering them here on eBay. I have given the best and most honest description of this transmission that I could.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Option C48 - Heater Delete

This Corvette has Option C48, Heater Delete. Only 124 cars were produced with this option in 1963. Two of the block-off panels for option C48 are shown in this picture. One panel is for the heater core and the other is for the blower motor. Another distinguishable feature of the Heater Delete option is found on the dash where plugs are inserted where the heater controls should have been located. Additional details of this very rare option are described below. You can double click the image for better detail.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rolling Chassis

This picture was taken on 9-11-1999 when Dennis S. had the body removed from his newly obtained requisition. It took 8 people to lift the body off of the chassis. The body had never been removed prior to this date. Dennis S. recorded the number of body shims at each location to help with the reattachment at a later date.
This is the rolling chassis, same day, in 1999 prior to any restoration.
By early 2001 Dennis S. had sand blasted and repainted the frame. Power steering, front coils, the differential and the rear leaf springs had been replaced with parts from a 1975 L82 Corvette. The rolling chassis received new bushings, brakes, stainless steel brake lines and associated connectors. (If I missed something Dennis please be sure to let me know.)
During the same period the 350 engine, bell housing, transmission, and rear end from the 1975 L82 Corvette were installed. Note the rags stuffed in the intake and exhaust ports. Shortly afterward the entire assembly was put into storage.
8 years later, March 2009, Dennis pulled back the covers, took this picture, then sent it to me for my information. Note the rags in the intake and exhaust ports. Although the rolling chassis will require dis assembly, it is very sound and in excellent condition. It's still amazing though how caustic the Hawaiian air can be on carbon steel.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Parts, Parts & Parts

Lots of parts. Original as well as new. I've not been through all the boxes but you can see there are lots of goodies. Double click on the images to see what you can find. Exhaust manifolds from the 1975 Corvette, replacement radiator support, replacement fender wells to replace the flared wells... New spare tire tub with cover, original 63 differential, steel fan shroud ... New replacement door panels, original instrument cluster, extra instrument bezel, gas cap cover, original rocker covers... New gas tank, new exhaust system, steering column and steering wheel, bumpers... Original copper radiator, drive shaft, carburetors, starters... Hub caps... New tail lights... Emergency brake assembly, brackets, straps... More new instruments... Body parts and pieces... Windshield wiper parts, a box with ??? ... Stainless steel brake lines.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tail Light Puzzle

The factory issued 63 Corvette had 2 tail lights on each side. As you can see this car has 3. Some believe the third tail light was a dealer installed option.