Monday, April 27, 2009

Misplaced Container???

An unexpected development has occurred. I received an email notification Saturday morning that the PODS container had arrived in Spokane. I called PODS 800 number and asked when I could pick it up and was told anytime after 8:00 am. Based on that, Max H., Matt P. and I went to the local U-haul, rented a car hauler and drove 175 miles to Spokane to unload the container. The PODS business was locked up tight but fortunately someone showed up about 45 minutes later. We were then informed the container had in fact not arrived and it was currently in transit from San Diego. The Spokane people apologized several times and they agreed to deliver the POD to Richland on Monday (today) or Tuesday. This morning I received another email notification that the container had arrived so I called Spokane to inquire about the delivery. They informed me they were not authorized to deliver the container to Richland and recommended I take up the issue with Platinum Services. To make a complicated story short, Spokane blames Platinum Services and Platinum Services says it’s Spokane’s problem. Aghhhh… Last discussion with both Spokane and Platinum Services is that the container still has NOT arrived. Its specific location is currently unknown. Standby for further developments…

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