Friday, April 3, 2009

Parts, Parts & Parts

Lots of parts. Original as well as new. I've not been through all the boxes but you can see there are lots of goodies. Double click on the images to see what you can find. Exhaust manifolds from the 1975 Corvette, replacement radiator support, replacement fender wells to replace the flared wells... New spare tire tub with cover, original 63 differential, steel fan shroud ... New replacement door panels, original instrument cluster, extra instrument bezel, gas cap cover, original rocker covers... New gas tank, new exhaust system, steering column and steering wheel, bumpers... Original copper radiator, drive shaft, carburetors, starters... Hub caps... New tail lights... Emergency brake assembly, brackets, straps... More new instruments... Body parts and pieces... Windshield wiper parts, a box with ??? ... Stainless steel brake lines.

1 comment:

  1. If that's not a puzzle, I don't know what is! (chuckling to myself at what your garage must look like!) :)