Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rolling Chassis

This picture was taken on 9-11-1999 when Dennis S. had the body removed from his newly obtained requisition. It took 8 people to lift the body off of the chassis. The body had never been removed prior to this date. Dennis S. recorded the number of body shims at each location to help with the reattachment at a later date.
This is the rolling chassis, same day, in 1999 prior to any restoration.
By early 2001 Dennis S. had sand blasted and repainted the frame. Power steering, front coils, the differential and the rear leaf springs had been replaced with parts from a 1975 L82 Corvette. The rolling chassis received new bushings, brakes, stainless steel brake lines and associated connectors. (If I missed something Dennis please be sure to let me know.)
During the same period the 350 engine, bell housing, transmission, and rear end from the 1975 L82 Corvette were installed. Note the rags stuffed in the intake and exhaust ports. Shortly afterward the entire assembly was put into storage.
8 years later, March 2009, Dennis pulled back the covers, took this picture, then sent it to me for my information. Note the rags in the intake and exhaust ports. Although the rolling chassis will require dis assembly, it is very sound and in excellent condition. It's still amazing though how caustic the Hawaiian air can be on carbon steel.

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