Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Period Correct/Era Modified

Period Correct - In the beginning of this build we decided this car would be built period correct. For me, this means the driving experience would be the same as you would get back in 1963. This would be achieved by making sure the drive train and major components were manufactured in 1963 and they would also be date coded appropriate for the day and month the car was manufactured. Exceptions would be allowed only if they supported the fact that the car would be driven often. Some exceptions we have taken include neoprene bushings, stainless steel fasteners and shims, and the engine has valves and valve seats that tolerate unleaded gas. This is an example of a period correct car:
Era Modified - We are considering 1960’s era modifications simply because if you had a car like this back in the 60’s chances are it would have been modified. Era modifications for our build would be limited to bolt on modifications only, no cutting allowed, and the original part would be retained. Era modifications under consideration include: · American Torq Thrust D wheels · Side exhaust · 1967 Big Block Stinger hood · Other modifications you might recommend
This is an example of an era modified car:

So, do you prefer period correct only or do you also like era modified? There is a poll at the top of this posting. Please be sure to vote. Thanks.


  1. Wilson said....

    Period Correct

  2. Wilson, Max and Mark S.

    Thanks for your input. Turns out I can add a poll to this blog and there's one at the top of the page now. Please push the apporopriate button so your preference can be counted. Thanks.

  3. I have mixed feelings about the poll choices. It looks like you are using a period correct small block with fuel injection. Also, based on the level of detail in the build I would hate to see the car modified from the original look. To me a modified version would include a big block that is built for performance. However, the best drivers are the small blocks and the most valuable seem to be the builds that look like original. I do think that exceptions can be taken with wheels and other bolt on stuff and side exhaust is always a great touch, as long as you use the correct body panel under the rear bumper. The bottom line is that it is your toy and you should do what you like.
    Jim Q.

  4. Thanks Jim,

    Yes it's my car but I value comments from fellow gear/auto heads. We will be sure to keep the fuelie and limit modifications to simple bolt on stuff. You are absolutely correct about the rear valance, if we go with side pipes we will have to get one without exhaust holes. They are available but a little pricey. My friends have never had trouble helping me spend my money though.

  5. 66% of those that voted recommended Period Correct/Era Modified. Sweet!