Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cool Desert Nights 2010 - We Won our Category!

Cool Desert Nights - 2010 Show & Shine was a great success. For us, it started Saturday morning about 5:30 am. We're just setting up in this photo. That's our tent in the background. We propped the hood up and showcased the motor all day long. We received lots of comments... all good!
Dennis and Annette K. brought their 33 Chevy. Dennis is the one that purchased the 1975 Corvette engine that was originally in our 63. That motor rebuild is going very well.
Cool Desert Nights - 2010 was their largest car show yet. Well over 700 vehicles were registered.
There was a wide variety of vehicles...
including this Rat Rod truck. Double click on the photo and check out the size of that exhaust pipe.
Strawberry slush's (adult version) were available for our guests. Tim and Melinda M. said they were very good. .
Annette K. said they were very good too. Annette is Dennis K. better half.
We won Work in Progress! The judges even remembered us from last year and they remembered the Harley from the year before.
This plaque couldn't have been won without the help of all our friends over the last year. Especially Ty T. and his wife Bonnie (for letting him play). You too Wilson (Lester H.)

This is a video be sure to push the play button (triangle).
This is a video too. Push the play button to watch.


  1. Very cool...Congratulations.

    Must have won due to the passenger door fiberglass work!!!!


  2. Wilson,

    You are correct! The judges mentioned that the passenger door was the only door that didn't need additional work. I think you need to come back and complete the rest of the car.

  3. Congratulations to you and your guys for the win at Cool Desert Nights. The engine looks awesome sitting in the chasis and the body looks like it is almost there. I continue to be impressed.
    Jim Q.

  4. Thanks Jim. It's nice to know you have interest in this project. Keep watching and keep the coments coming.