Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Did You Know?

The day after Cool Desert Nights the body was removed from the frame and put back on the tall body dolly. This dolly will allow us to work inside the fender wells, the drive shaft tunnel, and inside the engine compartment. Tedious alignment is required where the body meets the headlight assemblies and the front of the hood. The tall dolly will be very helpful when we do this work. The 340 and 360 hp solid lifter engines red line so high that the engineers had to design a special large diameter pulley to keep the alternator from over revving. The large pulley is crazy huge and heavy.
The same 2 solid lifter engines also had an exclusive idler arm as shown. Most of these idler arms were removed by owners when the bearings failed from either high rev's or over tightening of the belt. Original idler arms are rare. Ours is original.
In 1963 327 solid lifter engines were not offered with air conditioning. Consequently, the exhaust manifold with the front AC bracket (the one I am holding) is not correct for our engine. A correct manifold was recently found on E-bay and is now installed.
Gerri and I head for Wisconsin soon, followed by a trip to Sturgis with Max H. and his wife Reva. This is a forewarning that work on the Corvette will be slow for the next month or so. Keep checking back and, yes, I'll post some Sturgis pictures when we return.

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