Saturday, July 10, 2010

327 - First Attempt to Roll the Motor

Ty and I decided to roll the motor for the first time with the starter today. Before using the starter we wanted to turn the motor by hand to make sure it turned freely through all 4 strokes. We were not able to do that by hand so we removed all the pulleys to gain access to the harmonic balance. We applied leverage to the harmonic balance and successfully turned the motor over several times.

As a note, previous pictures of the idler pulley were shown with it mounted incorrectly. This picture is correct.

A new bell housing inspection cover was installed along with...

a new starter. It only required one shim.

All the spark plugs were removed and oil was added to the cylinders. This video captures the first roll of the motor. This is a video so be sure to push the play button (triangle).

This is the first step in many before we actually start the motor. This was fun and it was successful.
Not photographed was the removal and re-installation of the oil pan. Because the pick-up tube is susceptible to falling off the oil pump, several publications recommend tack welding the pick-up tube to the pump. We took their advice.


  1. A beautiful thing to behold, love your blog
    I have viewed it often, that engine is a real looker


  2. Peter,

    Thanks! We are having lots of fun with this restoration and I know there are several others that share your view. Keep watching and be sure to comment again.

    Best regards.