Friday, July 23, 2010

Drive Line Abnormalities

Just so you know, not everything has gone exactly as planned with this build and the drive line is a perfect example. It's a little confusing but I'll try to explain. It starts with the transmission yoke. I recently bought this original 1963 yoke and it only needed a little refreshing. I removed about 3 thousandths of an inch of rust from the outer sleeve using my bench top metal lathe.
The yoke was then media blasted, painted, then installed in the transmission. It fits perfectly.
I pulled the 1963 drive shaft off the shelf, removed the universal joints, then media blasted everything.
The drive shaft was primered and painted as shown. It turned out very nice.
The yoke on the 1975 rear end was cleaned up and prepared for the drive shaft. If you'll remember we install the 1975 rear end because we didn't have the correct half shafts for the 1963 rear end.
I then went to Napa to purchase new universal joints. I took one of the old ones with me to verify size. Unfortunately, the Napa catalogue specified a smaller universal joint than the one I had. It turns out that my 1963 drive shaft is actually for a 1968-70 TurboHydramatic (automatic) transmission. I returned home and immediately checked the yoke on the 1963 rear end (shown below) and it correctly accepts the smaller universal joint for a manual transmission. I also checked the yoke I just installed on the 4 speed tranny and it also takes the correct smaller universal joint. The 1975 rear end and the refurbished drive shaft are not correct for our 4 speed transmission.
Fortunately, I now have the correct half shafts (shown below) and they fit the 1963 rear end (shown above). To correct all the drive line issues I'll have to find a 1963 drive shaft, clean and refurbish the 1963 rear end and half shafts, then swap everything out. That won't be a problem, it's a piece of cake, this is just a hobby.
And for those of you that may be asking why I had a 1968-70 drive shaft for a TurboHydramatic transmission, you'll remember that an automatic had been installed in our Corvette years ago. Remember the hole in the passenger side floor board? Refresh your memory here: Thanks for watching.

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