Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Primer

We were finally able to put more primer on the car. As a reminder, the primer only signifies that the fiberglass resin and mat work is complete. Most all the primer you see will be removed when we start the body work for real. The most recent paint was applied above the center line of the car only. Additional primer will be applied below the center line once the body is put back on the tall dolly. That will occur after Cool Deserts Nights.
All issues with the 67 hood have been fixed and it too received a full coat of primer.
The car looks great from 10 feet away but, once the primer was applied it became even more obvious there is a lot of body work to do.
You can see clearly in this photo that Wilson still has work to do on his section of the car. Wilson... come back...
Thankfully most of the fiberglass blemishes look like this.

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