Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Engine Compartment

This picture was taken a little over a year ago shortly after the firewall was power washed for the first time. Note the hole between the heater access panel and the fresh air intake on the left side of the picture, the hole above and to the left of the transmission tunnel, and the hole between the two fresh air vents above and just outside the engine compartment. Not visible in this picture is another hole located in the passenger side foot well. This picture was taken about a week ago. All the holes have been repaired and the firewall received it's first coat of primer then it was sanded as shown.
Another coat of primer was applied to all areas in the engine compartment.
The firewall looks great and it only took a few hundred hours. Ty recommended we paint the engine compartment black to showcase the engine for Cool Desert Nights. So....
Por 15 Chassis Black paint was applied in all the hard to reach places using a paint roller. This is a very durable paint that is UV tolerant, dries matt black, and was developed for engine compartments as well as frames.
The rest of the engine compartment was painted using a spray gun. Lots of masking tape and masking paper were used.
The paint is still wet and glossy in these last two pictures.
The final results are awesome. We have about 10 days before Cool Desert Nights. The next posting should be setting the body on the chassis. Stay tuned!

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