Monday, May 31, 2010

Rear End Alignment, Stabilizer Bars, Shocks & More

Ty came over on Friday and finished the alignment on the rear end. If you look past the shock tower and past the (left) control arm you will see several of the shims he installed. Unlike the original shims these are stainless steel. This is the right control arm. Shims were installed on both sides of the neoprene control arm bushings.
Ty also refurbished and installed the rear torsion bar on Friday.
1965 was the first year a Corvette came with a rear torsion bar. Although the 63 model did not have a torsion bar it was common practice to have one installed simply because it offered exceptional handling performance. It's hard to believe that a 3/8" torsion bar could do so much. Although it's not period correct it is an era modification that I am OK with.
A close up view of the same area.
The front torsion bar was also installed. This is a 7/8" bar sold only with the hi-performance package. The standard size was 3/4".
The rolling chassis is surprisingly close to completion. The gas tank will be next followed by the drive shaft. If my nephew James comes out for Cool Desert Nights we will most likely fire up the engine at that time. James is attending Michigan Tech for his Mechanical Engineering degree and he and several of his classmates have expressed interest in this motor. I think as a good uncle it's only appropriate he gets first honors. I know, I am a nice guy.
And look who's back. I dug this out from under the tarp and made a spot for it in the garage. This picture was taken yesterday morning and since then it has been fully block sanded from the spring line up and is ready for more primer.
This area desperately needs a coat of primer and it might happen today. Stay tuned.


  1. I have a question. Where are you guys getting all this technical info, all the way down to what kind of shim material was used back in the day ? Everything seems to be going very fast now. Its all looking good John. Hope we can make it out. Jim

  2. Thanks for the chassis info John,that rear sway bar does look small!Are you going to keep the big block hood? Brian

  3. Looking really good!!!!

    Is that a scratch I see on the front right frame???


  4. Jim, we have books and publications that take up half of our work bench. The internet supplies a lot of information as well. There's also the National Corvette Restorers (NCR) website where I ask questions of the experts. It takes a lot of research.

  5. Brian, I've been looking for a reasonably priced 1963 hood for months with no luck. When I do find a 63 hood I'll probably keep the 67 hood just because I think it's cool. Two hoods are better than one. :0)

  6. Wilson, yes that's a scratch and Ty did it. Are you coming out for Cool Desert Nights?