Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Suspension Work

Front suspension assembly continues. The idler arm, connecting rods, dust shields, and front hub assemblies are now installed. Although the brake cylinders are shown installed these will be replaced with new ones shortly (they are on order). The steering box has also been installed, however, it doesn't turn as smooth as it should. This will either be adjusted, rebuilt, or replaced as needed. We also have the 1975 steering box that Dennis S. had installed. Replacing this one for that one is also a consideration.
Ty came over Saturday and put in a full day dismantling the rear end assembly. The shop was a blur in activity. We were both so involved in dismantling, sand blasting, cleaning and painting that we forgot to take pictures. These pictures were taken the following morning (this morning).
We have two sets of leaf springs for the Corvette. The 9 leaf set at the bottom of the picture was standard equipment and was built for comfort. The 7 leaf set was sold as a heavy duty option and was often used for racing. We will use the one not designed for comfort. :0)
Dis-assembly will be to the bone. All parts will be cleaned, sand blasted and painted as needed. We have several books, manuals and publications for reference and we use them often.
Here are a few pieces that made it through the process yesterday. We elected not to rebuild the pumpkin simply because it rotates smooth, has no play, and it doesn't have any leaks. The pumpkin weighs at least 100 pounds and it was a pain getting it in and out of the sand blasting box. It cleaned up real nice though. Thanks Ty for another great day.


  1. I thought the rear end that came with the car, and that you now show being rebuilt, was not the correct rear end and was going to be replaced ? Nice work. Also, as you assemble stuff onto the frame, are you getting a feel of the frames paint adhesion (scratch easy or not so bad)?

  2. You are absolutely correct about the rear end. The one you see is out of the 1975. I had intended to install the 63 rear end but I was unable to find the half shafts that go with it. I am 99% sure they came with the purchase of the car but I can't find them (ha). The odd thing is I went back through all the pictures of the parts and pieces that I bought and never saw them. Maybe Dennis S. can help me out here. Dennis, did I get a set of 63 half shafts from you?
    Paint adhesion isn't a problem. Most everything gets sand blasted and that makes the surface rough enough for good adhesion. We also spend a lot of time cleaning and drying the parts after being blasted. Adhesion shouldn't be an issue at all.

  3. ahhhhh. ya gotta get the 63 rear end.

  4. Yep, I know. But for now all I am looking for is something that puts 4 wheels under the car for Cool Desert Nights.

  5. I assume the front drum brakes are to keep it OEM style? Sand blasting is key...makes everything so nice, as long as you have the space for one and the time to do it, haha. What gear ratio is in the rear end?

  6. Yes, we are going for OEM/period correct so we will stick with the brum brakes. The rear end that's installed is from a 75 Corvette donor car and is a 3.70. The original rear end (which I have) is a 3.36 and will be installed at a later date when we find the correct size half-shafts.