Friday, May 14, 2010

Clutch, Transmission, & Rear End Assembly

Earlier this week I installed the clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing and pilot bearing. In this picture the clutch is being held in place with a splined tool that came with a clutch kit I bought from Napa. The pressure plate was fastened to the flywheel using ARP bolts designed specifically for this application.
Grade 8 hardware was used for the bell housing to the engine and the transmission to the bell housing.
Additional work was done to the front brakes including shoes and brake cylinders. The brakes are far from complete though.
Ty came over today and put in a full 9 hour day working on the rear end. Here Ty is adjusting the rear bearing assembly to one of the trailing arms. This whole assembly is made up of numerous parts that are unique to either the left or right side. It would be very easy to inter-mix these pieces.
Ty installed the pumpkin and cross member first. Only grade 8 fasteners were used.
Both trailing arm assemblies were installed next. They will receive final alignment at a later date.
The installation of the half shafts and the leaf springs completed the assembly. Although the brakes are not installed the wheels and tires were put back on the car for mobility.
Here's the picture you asked for Max. The overall suspension still needs a lot of work but it's back into a rolling configuration. Thanks Ty for another productive day. It really looks nice!


  1. Can not believe the progress you are making...everything looks really great.

  2. Thanks Lester... I mean Wilson. I am a little surprised as well.

  3. Looking excellent Uncle John, this is going to be a sweet car!

  4. I think so too. I hope you can come out during Cool Desert Nights this year and fire the engine up. That would be way cool.

  5. Looking very nice,cant wait to see it when it's painted.I need some chassis measurements from the main chassis rail around the gearbox X member area, namely the top rail width,bottom rail width ,height and steel thickness.Hope you can help me out.Regards Brian

  6. Brian,

    If I understand your question correctly, I get a measurement of 3" wide on both the top and the bottom and 4 1/2" in height. Steel thickness will be very close to 7/64". Hope this helps.