Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cool Desert Nights 2009 Preperation

As odd as it may sound, we decided to enter our Corvette in one of the areas largest car shows, Cool Desert Nights. If available, our category will be Under Construction. Cool Desert Nights is just 2 weeks away so we decided to start by swapping motors, tightening up the frame hardware and Armoral the tires (of course). The body will be set next week. She won't be functional but she should be fun to show off. Wish us luck! Removing the old 1975 L82 engine.
Ty, Master Fiberglasser, is showing off the fuelie. Thanks to Dennis K. for lending us his engine hoist.
New motor, new tranny and the bell housing from the L82.
Stephen S. ran the speed wrench and helped set the motor and tranny.
Armoral on 30 year old tires? Are you kidding me?
Ty made sure everything was done just right.
Armoral, hubcaps and a fuelie. How sweet is that?
Stay tuned for more Cool Desert Night preparations.

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  1. Ah.... it all looks good, but where the heck is the update photos on the body? Just curioius. Jim