Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting our C2 Chassis

Final wire brushing, grinding and welding was performed on the chassis today. Only a couple spots like this were found that needed welding.
The garage was draped in plastic to minimize over spray.
Rust Encapsulator by Eastwood was sprayed on with a spray gun then allowed to dry for 7 hours.
A satin top coat was applied using rattle cans and the final results are excellent. Even the garage cleaned up nicely. We will let the frame dry for several days before we flip it right side up.


  1. Looks like it just rolled out of the factory!!!


  2. Frame looks awesome. Why did you decide to paint instead of powercoat? Some purists paint to maintain the original methods and others that want the new method.

    Jim Q.

  3. I painted simply because I could do it myself. Powdercoating would have required out sourcing and I didn't want to do that. With few exceptions we have done everything ourselves and I hope to keep it that way throughout the build. Thanks for asking.

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