Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cross Brace Repair

A little barnyard engineering from a previous owner in need of repair. Preparing the frame for welding.The hole was beveled to allow full penetration of the weld. We used a magnet to position the patch.
One pass with .024 mig does the trick.
A little (ok, a lotta) grinding and.....
Better than new! Ty sure missed his calling.
Another misguided modification by a previous owner.
I think Ty is starting to like grinding....
and grinding...
But the results are worth the effort!
Ty's granddaughter Myka stops by to lend a hand. Nice welding hat! Matches the new convict pajamas.
Myka asking grandpa Ty if he would teach her to grind. Maybe we will see Myka grinding in future blogs.

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