Friday, March 19, 2010

Sandblasting the Frame - Day One

This post includes a video. Be sure to push the play button. 

 4 hours and 300 pounds of sand completed 1/3 of the frame. A good 30 minutes and 50 lbs. of sand was used trying to find the proper air volume and sand flow.

The base metal and welds look real good. These 2 holes will be repaired soon.

This A frame cleaned up nicely. All suspension components will be removed then detailed inside the sandblasting box.


  1. Wow. $800.00 looks cheap now I think. Ha ! Hey John, those two holes in the frame were drilled out once upon a time. Why do you think someone would have ever done that ? Jim

  2. I am almost certain it was for an automatic transmission, the same transmission that required the holes in the passenger side floor well. It must have been a big tranny because it sure didn't fit very well in this Corvette.