Sunday, March 28, 2010

C2 Frame Repairs

This is a video. Be sure to push the triangle to play.

They say a quality restoration uses a rotisserie. I think this meets the intent.

 The frame is surprisingly light. Double click the picture to see a close-up of the underside hole. Between this hole and the two corresponding holes that Ty fixed yesterday I am beginning to wonder if someone didn't secure a previous transmission with a U-bolt. That would be pretty bizarre if they did.
Ty cut, beveled, welded and ground this piece until it was perfect... ..
... then he ground it some more.
It looks great! Well done Ty. Thanks.


  1. John, very nice.

    I think I read somewhere that when you sand blast steel like this, and bring it down to bare metal, the rust actually starts back within three days? Micro rust at first. Ever hear of that? Taking it down to bare metal could mean a immediate prime (within a couple days). Not sure. Jim

  2. The paint and primer we will use is from Eastwood. Both are designed to be applied over rust or bare metal. There shouldn't be any issues.