Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rolling Chassis Restoration

This is a video, be sure to push the triangle to play.



  1. A change of pace is always a good thing with a project of this size I think. The goal is to keep the interest level, and not let that go away. This is a good idea to change it up a bit, and keep things fresh. Are you going to sand blast the entire frame and repaint, bake etc? Will the engine will go in before the frame is mounted to the body or after ? Jim

  2. I hope to sand blast the entire frame while keeping the chassis in a rolling state. Frame will be blasted first then we will rebuild one suspension corner at a time. I am doing it this way to make sure we are able to take the car to Cool Desert Nights. The motor and tranny will go on the frame first then the body will follow. Hope to have you and James come out and start it up shortly thereafter.

  3. I know you went to cool desert nights before, but exactly what goes on at that show, and how far along do you want the 63 to be in by cool desert nights show? Jim

  4. It's the largest local car show of the year and it includes Slow Drags, Poker Run, Show & Shine, live music, dancing, and they close down main street for cruising. It's a weekend event. Lot's of fun for the car enthusiast. Bring James and come visit. You can drive the Nomad.