Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wheel Wells, Body Brackets, Shift Linkage & Stabilizer Bushings

In the last 2 weeks we've had -8 degree weather and 8 inches of snow.  Neither of these are conducive to painting.  None the less that's just what we did, we painted the passenger side wheel wells. Since we couldn't go outside it was necessary to build a make shift paint booth to control over spray.  Plastic was wrapped around each wheel well and a plastic flap was positioned over the wheel well opening.

The shop vac was used to collect the over spray.

A fan was used to blow the fumes outside.

It worked great.  No over spray, the house didn't smell, and nothing blew up.  The matt finish POR 15 paint looks real nice.

The front wheel well looks just as good.

We also installed the shift linkage.  1963 was the only year that had the 1-2 gear linkage cross over the 3-4 gear linkage as shown.  All other years the linkage ran parallel to each other.

Ty replaced the last rusty body mount.  This one is located inside the engine compartment, on the firewall, on the drivers side.  This one drew blood just like the other one.

Ty swapped out the previously installed generic front stabilizer brackets and bushings for these GM manufactured brackets and bushings.  These are exactly what would have been installed on a 63 Z06.  The stabilizer bar is 7/8" in diameter.

I am not sure what we will work on next.  I'd like to complete the drivers side wheel wells but that requires sand blasting and that has to be done outside.  I don't have snow tires on the body dolly so the snow has to melt first and that may happen later in the week.

Thanks for watching. 


  1. While you wait for warmer temps's, why not start working on tbe bench? Things like all the instruments, dash itself, console, steering column etc. Internal door / window crank mechanisms etc. Jim p.

  2. Jim,

    All those things need to be done but my preference is to do what is necessary to get the body back on the frame. I might chisel the old undercoating out from under the driver’s side wheel wells or rebuild and assemble the clutch linkage. If the weather doesn't improve by time I am done with those then I will tackle the things you mention.

  3. John a very novel approach to painting, having limited room in my garage as well I will give this a try, its looking great.
    -8 and snow!!! we are just starting to get around the 80's !! enjoy the cold


  4. Pete,

    You are a funny man. Lets laugh about your Ausy weather in about 6 months. That should be fun. I'll be at 80 degrees and you'll be at ???

  5. John
    I think I'll still be smiling , it never snows around here only in our, erhum "mountains"
    more like bumps compared to whats over your way,
    coldest it get to around melbourne is about 32 on the rarest occasion.
    cheers :)