Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fiberglass Work - Before and After Pictures

BEFORE & AFTER pictures of things we've been working on lately.

BEFORE - Both front and rear wheel wells on the right side of the car have cracked bonding.  Double click on the picture and you'll see the crack near the bottom.  This is the right front wheel well.

AFTER - Ty used the burr grinder to remove all the old bonding agent then, using a cake frosting bag, he piped in all new bonding agent.  It sounds simple but this was a dirty job that took several hours.

BEFORE - This is the right rear wheel well.  It has cracked bonding agent located behind the body mount.

AFTER -  Using the same technique, Ty removed the crack and installed new bonding agent.

BEFORE - This is a view of several unfinished fiberglass repairs we made to the transmission tunnel last year.  This is looking up from underneath the body and it's near the shifter.  Before we tilted the body on the body dolly, access to this area had been very limited.

AFTER - The hole at the top of the photo is for the ash tray.  The area just to the side of it will be cut out for the shifter.  We are waiting for the shifter boot plate so we can use it as a template.

BEFORE - This is a fiberglass repair we made last year that was temporarily painted over for Cool Desert Nights.  This repair area is located in the passenger foot well, on the firewall, viewed from the engine compartment.  The paint was removed this morning to finish the repair.

AFTER -  Fibre Strand Body Filler from Napa was used to fill irregularities in the fiberglass.  Although it looks far from finished, the area is flat and ready for paint.  This will be painted when we do the wheel wells.

And finally, Max H. likes an occasional big picture of what's going on in the garage so here you go Max...  Enjoy!


  1. Lookimg for a projected time line. When do you feel the body will be completed including paint, when do you feel the wiring harness installation will begin and be completed, the final setting of the body down, interior fit, first drive ? Just curious. Jim p

  2. Jim,
    I promised Gerri that I would give her this car on our 50th wedding anniversary. That gives me 13 years before it has to be done. I am under committing and I will over perform. Off the record, it should be done in about a year and a half.