Sunday, November 21, 2010

Head Bolts and Body Brackets

All of the coolant leaks are fixed.  Every head bolt was removed, cleaned and reinstalled using Permatex High Performance Thread Sealant.  This required the removal of both exhaust manifolds and the valve covers.  Part of the air meter assembly (intake) had to be removed before the drivers side valve cover could be removed.  The exhaust manifolds were sand blasted then painted with high temperature paint.  Antifreeze is in the engine and it's ready to be started.

The shifter boot backing plate was installed.  This is looking up from the transmission tunnel.  Alignment bolts were installed in all the threaded holes that will hold the shift boot.  The bracket was clamped tight near both of the rivets.

Using an air hammer with a blunt attachment and a piece of rubber hose to keep the tool on top of the rivet...

The rivets were hammered flush while holding a heavy piece of metal on the back side (I used a body dolly).

The 10 alignment bolts were later removed and the passenger compartment side was cleaned up.

Using the same general technique, Ty replaced the hood support brackets.  This is inside the right front wheel well.

Ty also replaced an old body bracket located inside the engine compartment.  This is on the fire wall behind the right wheel well.  This bracket used 5 rivets and the backside was almost impossible to gain access.  I think some of Ty's DNA is back there somewhere.  The installation looks great and it's very solid.  Thanks Ty.

The rolling chassis and the body are now rust free.  If I can figure out a way to spray paint in the garage while controlling the over spray I might paint the two passenger side wheel wells next.  Stay tuned.  Thanks for watching.

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