Sunday, September 27, 2009

Windshield & Rear Window Removal

Yesterday I had planned to do a little paint, a little sanding, a little of this and a little of that. And then Ty came over. I remember his question vividly, "Don't you think it's time to remove the glass." The suggestion was horrifying. Who are we going to find that's willing to remove $3000 dollars worth of moulding? Who's going to make sure we don't loose all of the windshield reference points if the whole frame is rotted away? Can I get a glass company to come here or do I need to rent a trailer and take the body to them? I heard there is a guy in Yakima that willing to remove the glass. How can I find his number? Lot's of these type questions whizzed through my mind. Then I saw Ty walk to the tool box wanting to know where I kept the pry bars. OMG!

Actually it went so well neither of us can hardly believe it. The chrome mouldings were removed without incident and the glass was lifted off the car. It was messy but nothing was damaged. Not the trim, not the glass, not the car. Nothing.

What was really amazing was that we didn't find any rust in the windshield channels. Both Ty and I were convinced we would find lots of damage but what we found was the original birdcage painted the cars original color, Daytona blue. We don't think the windshield had never been removed. There are areas of rust above the A Pillars but we knew about that months ago. Repair of those areas will be covered in a seperate posting.
Before I bought the car from Dennis S. he told me the birdcage needed minor repair but it was in good shape overall. He was right. Thanks Dennis.

The two following pictures are videos so be sure to push the play button.

You'll want to turn up the volume.


 The rear windows were removed as well and without incident. It was a beautiful day. Thanks Ty.



  1. Were the chrome trim pieces held on with clips or do they just sit in a groove with an adhesive bed?

  2. Clips. Look at some of the other videos for more details. We broke many clips getting the molding off. These are hard to replace so be sure to take your time. Original clips are like gold. Very rare. Good luck!