Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exhaust Pipe Nacelle/Valance

This isn't a picture of Rocky working on the nacelle but it is a picture of Rocky right after he worked on it. Here's a picture of Les getting ready to align the nacelle. I am asking Les if he wants a lemon or lime with his Corona.
This is the nacelle after the fiberglass repairs. It fits perfect thanks to several hours of work by Les and Rocky. Thanks guys.
Here is our new sandblasting glove box. The nacelle is too small for the box but that didn't stop us. Gerri came up with the idea of the clear plastic material over the door. It works great! Our blasting media is glass beads.
This is a high resolution picture of the sandblasted nacelle. Double click on the photo and see all the repairs that were made. This piece probably should have been replaced because of the extensive damage but it is now very solid and will work just fine.
Here is the final product after its first coat of primer. Looks pretty good if you ask me.
The next 3 pictures are videos. Be sure to push each play button.

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  1. I see the work is going well here. This is how it should be done. Nice post!