Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rocky - Headlights

Ty T. and Rocky R. are in the building! Rocky is visiting from Houston, TX and I couldn't wait to put him to work. Rocky spent the day working on various parts of the car while Ty spent the day working on the headlights. It was a beautiful day. Rocky spent most of the day working on the rear exhaust valance. Pictures of that will be posted soon. Here Rocky is removing the door handles in preparation for painting.
After the handles were removed Rocky used the Fein to sand the tight nooks and crannies. We found one crack behind the drivers door handle. That crack has been removed and it will be repaired soon.
For the last 4 months Ty has carressed and masaged the headlights into perfection so I figure the Corvette must be a girl. I am OK with that because the results are a knock-out.
Both of the following pictures are videos so be sure to push the play button. Watch Ty's face as he brings the headlights to life.


  1. wow. the headlights work like brand new. So exciting !! Is the underside of the body done? Jim

  2. The fiberglass work on the underside is done, This area still requires cleaning, grinding, buffing, painting, etc. That will happen next year.