Monday, September 7, 2009

Right Side Primer

This morning Rocky and I finished sanding the right side of the Corvette then masked off the windows in preparation for paint. It was gusty for most of the morning and early afternoon. The winds settled down mid-afternoon so we decided to paint. This is a picture of the first coat of primer being sprayed. 3 coats were sprayed in total.
Rocky was the touch-up man. Rocky is now responsible for all imperfections. :0)
It turned out nice!

This is a video. Be sure to push the play button.


  1. No update since we were there? Did you take this past weekend off?? Thought I would at least see some more primer.

  2. Well Ok then. I'll post something. I have not sprayed any new primer but I do have the photos of the exhaust pipe nacille work that you (Rocky) and Les worked on. In fact I'll do that right now.