Monday, May 4, 2009

327 - Option L76, 340 hp

This is a higher resolution picture you can click on to see the details. There isn't a needle on the tach but it does red line at 6500 rpm. This was only offered on the 340 and 360 HP performance engines.

We are very confident this car came with a 340 hp solid lifter 327. This is awesome news. Clues include 1) the Heater Delete option was only available on cars intended for racing or export (suggests a high performance engine), 2) the car has a 6500 rpm red line on the tachometer which was used only on the 340 hp carbureted and 360 hp fuel injected engines, 3) performance sintered metallic brakes, option J65, were found in one of the parts boxes and verified by Dennis S. as having come off the car and, 4) the car does not have a fuel injection fresh air hole in the radiator support which means it was not fuel injection. All things considered, everything points to the 340 hp solid lifter carbureted engine. And for those that know the performance engines did not come with power steering, Dennis S. confirmed the power steering you see in the pictures is from his 1975 L82 Corvette. The 63 did not have power steering. I like it!

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