Monday, May 4, 2009


First and foremost I want to thank Dennis S. (the seller) for disclosing all know issues up front and accurately. I am very pleased with this car! The majority of the restoration should be able to be performed at home. Thanks Dennis. GOOD - Both the body and the frame are very sound. There have been no major body repairs or frame issues. There are no soft spots in the fiberglass and all body panels appear to be original. This accounts for 95% of the vehicle condition. BAD - 1) The A pillars suffer major rust. This condition wasn’t apparent until after the entire dash was removed. 2) Fire damage occurred to the fire wall and the left wheel well. This must have been a good size fire because the fresh air grill inside the passenger compartment had melted. 3) The front left portion of the frame where the bumper attaches is rusted and will probably need to be replaced. It’s about a 1 foot section. 4) A few odd holes and slots have been cut into the frame and will require patching.
UGLY - Nada!

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