Monday, May 25, 2009

1975 350 Engine - Bummer

This is the 1975 L82 350 4 Bolt Main (379010) that was part of the original purchase. It has issues. I pulled the plugs this weekend and water came out of 3 cylinders. So I opened her up to see the extent of the damage. It wasn't very pretty. Everything will require rebuilding. The good news is 1) this isn't the engine that I was going to put in the Corvette and 2) I am not the one that has to rebuild it. :0)
Pretty ugly. I had thought of putting this engine in the 57 Nomad but those thoughts are gone.
The heads had a brand new rebuild done on them about 10 years ago and were never run. These are castings 333882.
I vacuumed up all the water, drained the oil pan (it had water too), dried everything, sprayed everything with PB Blaster then reassembled the motor. It actually looked pretty good when I was done. None the less, someone else can have fun rebuilding this motor. I'll probably put it on Craig's list.

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