Friday, May 29, 2009

340 HP or 360 HP - Second Thoughts

I may have jumped to a conclusion earlier when I discounted the 360 hp high performance engine. I had discounted it based only on the radiator support configuration. I've re-examined the radiator support and I don't find any evidence of the Daytona Blue color that came with the car (the radiator support would have had some over spray from the painting process). Colors I do find are copper brown (the last color the car was painted) and gloss black (one of the other colors originally offered). Based on this I don't believe we can say conclusively that the radiator support is original to the car which means we can not conclude the 340 HP engine was originally installed. In fact, the Heater Delete and sintered brakes options suggest 360 hp. From the Complete Corvette Restoration publication I quote, "Of the 124 1963 Corvettes equipped with Option C48 (Heater Delete), our survey located less than a dozen. Most were equipped with the Z06 performance option (360 HP engine) and one of these were originally sold in Hawaii. Only two of the 1963 Corvettes reporting option C48 were not equipped with Z06, and both were coupes... ". I have no expectation that this is a Z06 car, I am only pointing out that most Heater Delete cars came with the 360 hp engine. So, what does this mean? What do we do? What motor gets installed? Lets think about this...


  1. It is easy to replace a front clip on a car. Thinking about that, I dont think you can conclude anything based on the radiator housing. The tach, the heater delete coupled with the quote you just posted, is more comfortable info. The vin number is key here. Some way - the vin must be traced backwards. Jim

  2. I agree. The Hawaii Department of Finance provide previous owner information as a free service. I will write them and maybe I'll be able to obtain the original owners name and work from there. Also, Dennis S. (previous owner) is making arangements for me to talk to the person that he bought the car from. Hopefully we can determine the correct engine through one of these avenues.

  3. Yep. Its to important to stop the backwards investigation. To me, I see more hints towards a possible F.I. engine, than not. Was the previous owner (to dennis) from hawaii as well? If so, things are looking better and better.

  4. Speaking of locating an owner. I found a Parking permit of some sort that say "hawaii" and 1963 on my 63 convertible, 4 speed with factory air. I called hawaii DMV but they only hold records for 10 years. How do you suggest I can find the original owners in Hawaii ?

  5. I know the answer!

    Department of Finance
    1455 S Beretania Street
    Honolulu, HI 96814


    They will need a vin number or liscense number and it's a free service. Good luck!

  6. I know I'm years late but I don't see any holes in the front fender sides for the fuel injection emblems that go under the side flag emblems - VERY NICE job you folks did

  7. Early pictures of the bare fiberglass front fenders show they are a different color from the rest of the car. This indicates that the fenders are not original to the car. As such, the 360 hp engine can not be discounted for lack of emblem holes. Great comment. Thanks for the question.