Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting Ready for Cool Desert Nights 2013

Over the last several months the Corvette collected a lot of grunge from sitting in the garage.  Dust, finger prints, over spray, and grit from the blast box mostly.   After a good bath at the car wash I spent most of the weekend wet sanding and polishing the paint back to its original condition.  I'll wait till Cool Desert Nights to show you pictures.  CDN 2013 starts June 20th.

I did get to work on the headlight bezels.  I used the same paint and process as on the car. 

They turned out nice.  Now I need to make brackets to attach them to the headlight buckets.

Sun visors come in either Coupe or Roadster models for 1964 to 1967 Corvettes.  63's came in the roadster model only.  So even if you have a 63 coupe you have to specify roadster.  Surprisingly, Al Knoch Interiors got it wrong which means these are incorrect.  Al Knoch has been contacted and they agree.  Replacements will be mailed later this week.

I am still waiting for the burlap that goes between the seat foam (shown) and the seat frame.  I am assured they will be mailed Wednesday.  That leaves little to no time for assembly.  Even I am interested in knowing what happens to the seats for CDN 2013.

I have the leather covers and they look great.  Just need to get them installed.

Seat frames are done and ready.

I did install some of the interior trim.  I even installed the rear view mirror.

That's pretty much it.  Aside from upholstery, I'll be detailing the car for CDN. 

My Distraction

The Schwinn Stingray is looking pretty good too.

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