Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cool Desert Nights - 2013

What a great day.  We arrived at 6 am and found the grassy area 80% full.  We set up in a spot close to our usual location.  This year it was the Corvette, the Schwinn, Gerri and I.  Dennis and Annette K were in Las Vegas and weren't able to join us.

This was the first day we saw the car in full sunlight and I have to say it was stunning.  Early in the morning the car favored the color purple but by high noon it was blue as blue can be.

People admired the car all day long and comments were non-stop.  The most asked question was, "What color is that?"  Early on we tried to explain all the colors and the process but found later that the best answer was "Cobalt Candy Blue".  Professional painters weren't satisfied with that answer and wanted the details.  Everyone loved the ghosted stripe.

Gerri and I decided the most frequent statements were, "63 Split window, my most favorite car ever" and "That is the most amazing paint job I've ever seen."  Without question we heard those two statements at least a hundred times each.  Comments were non-stop all day long.  I was amazed.  Click on the picture, you'll see.

Max H showed up and it was great to see him.  Max is one of the 5 most frequent visitors to this blog and he does it from half way around the world.  He was suffering from 12 hours of jet lag.

Just because it's beautiful.

700 cars showed up for Cool Desert Nights this year.

CDN was full-on with great participation.

This was Gerri's favorite.  The teardrop was awesome.


Now this is purple.

Gerri took this picture.  Look close and you'll see our Corvette.

On a sour note I have to tell you we developed an oil leak at #7 cylinder.  It's fouling the plug and smoking out the left side pipe.  My suspicion is a bad or missing valve stem seal.  It's not a big deal but it wasn't something I expected.  I'll start investigating the issue in a few days.

I started feeling bad then I saw this poor guy showing off his quad ride.  I am much better now.  

The car isn't done so this won't be the last post.  I am going to target Hot Summer Nights in Reno instead.  That's a couple months away and that gives me enough time to complete the interior.   Next post won't be for a couple weeks though.  I am having foot surgery Tuesday and I'll need a little time before I can start working on the car again.  See you in a few weeks.

Thanks for watching.


  1. I gotta tell you that your paint job and the cobalt blue color have grown on me to the point that I consider it awesome. The body parts couldn't fit any better and you must be extremely proud. Good luck with the foot thing.

  2. Jim,

    The paint job really is awesome. Ty and I put a lot of elbow grease into the body work and I did do a lot of sanding between coats, but that said, the color itself is extremely unique, almost mesmerizing. I could not be happier. House of Kolor paint rocks!

    Surgery was this morning and it went very well. I had a heal spur removed and the achilles tendon relocated to prevent reoccurrence.

    Thanks for your comments, as always.