Friday, June 21, 2013

Cool Desert Nights 2013 - DQ

Gerri had her first ride in the Corvette last night.  She took a short video I thought you might enjoy.

Brant and Peggy  M thought they'd do a parody.  I like it!

Brant and Peggy M being funny

Upholstery pieces will not arrive from Al Knoch Interiors until next Tuesday.  What I am using are  the refurbished seat frames with red seat pads from our dining set.   It's interesting that nobody disapproved.  Everybody recognized the interior as a work in progress.

Half of the cars at tonight's Dairy Queen Show & Shin came in caravan.  This is a video of some of those cars arriving.

The turnout was about half as many as last year.  Drizzle was the culprit.

We had a nice spot directly across from Dairy Queen.

Response to the car was amazing,  They loved the split window, they loved the fuel injection, and they even liked the Heater Delete option.  But by far the most comments were about the paint job.

Noteworthy comments included:
That is my most favorite car ever!
Can I shake your hand please?  That's amazing!
I love the racing stripe.
What color is that?  It's beautiful.
That is a sweet little Stingray.
This is the best car here,  no kidding.
This is nicer than the other one (there were 2 - 63's last night)

Most of the cars stayed until 8:30 pm even though it drizzled all night.

Here's a unique tail gate.  Key chains galore.

Lots of nice cars.

Matt P would have  liked this ride.

Gerri said it even looked good all wet.  I agree.

Saturday is the main feature Show & Shine.  DQ was only a teaser.  I'll post pictures on Sunday so be sure to check back in a couple days.

Wish you were here Ty enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Max, welcome home.  See you Saturday.


  1. Looks awesome sitting in the parking lot. I especially like the stance. However, I would have cried when it rained.

  2. I think the rain helped wash away 4 years of shop dust. I was OK with that, but yes, I think you would have cried. Ha.