Sunday, November 4, 2012

Grill, Front Bumpers and an Antenna

I think the easiest thing I've done on this car is to install the antenna.  It took two minutes.

The grill in the background is the one that came with the car.  The ribs on that one are in poor condition but the brackets are good.  The grill in the foreground has nice ribs but it has several broken brackets.  Between the two I will make one very nice grill.

As I removed the brackets I sandblasted and painted them before reinstalling them. 

All done.  The one in the front has nice ribs and perfect brackets.  It's time to install.

The grill should be held in with 11 fasteners but I am only using 2.  I am dry fitting for the bumpers.

Speaking of bumpers, I decided duct tape makes a pretty good substitute for chrome.

Just kidding.  The duct tape is protecting the chrome so I can sandblast the back side in the blast box.

After sandblasting I primered and painted the inside surface.  They look nice.

Lots of hardware and brackets are required.  Turns out the two on the far left are incorrect for our 63.

None the less I did a dry fit using the brackets I do have.  It looks great and I hope to get the missing brackets on E-bay.  Wish me luck.  They are a one year only bracket and I prefer original.

Installing the front bumpers has been a slow process because I don't want to scratch the paint.  I am taking my time and you'll see more on these bumpers in the next posting.  And speaking of the next posting, I'll be out of pocket for awhile but I should have something in 2 or 3 weeks.

Thanks for watching!  


  1. Looks really good John! Bonnie and I came through the storm ok. Can't wait to see the car next week. Ty T.

  2. Ty,

    Glad you and Bonnie did well in the storm. Gerri and I are looking forward to seeing you next week. We will be unavailable on Monday but the rest of the week we are available.

  3. John, before you part ways for a week or two, can you give us all a few photos of the car ( pan back ) so we can see the results all brought together ? Jim P

  4. I'd be wetting my pants working with sharp pieces of metal so close to that gorgeous paint!

    Looks great!


  5. Pat,

    I've not wet myself yet but I do break a sweat every time I get close to the paint job. It is nerve racking to say the least. Thanks for watching.

  6. Jim P,

    Yes, I'll post some pictures but they will have to be taken late in the day. Should still give you a good idea where we are with the build. Give me a couple days. Thanks.