Friday, November 9, 2012

360 Update + a Bonus...

Jim P asked for some photos taken at a distance so he can see the overall progress.  It's late in the day and the sun is low but these should do.  If you've been watching this blog you'll know that the car is sporting something that hasn't been discussed recently.  Can you find it?

Did you find it?  It's the side exhaust covers.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Mighty fine looking ride!!!!!


  2. Wow it looks ever better in the sunlight!! Love the exhaust too .... are you gonna try out the other hood?

  3. The exhaust covers make the tall stance look much better. Thanks for the pics from a distance.

  4. It's not a '63-'67 Corvette if it doesn't have side exhaust. Looks great in those photos.


  5. Wilson. I agree! It makes me smile every time I look at it.

    Alan. The 67 hood will be done after the car is finished. I am trying to focus on finishing the exterior so I can work on the interior during the winter.

    Jim Q. I like the current stance but have always favored the California rake, where the nose is a little low. I will wait until the exterior is done before I consider changing out the front coils.

    Justin. The 63 Corvette was never offered with side exhaust. But I agree, a C2 Corvette is not an eye grabber unless it has side exhaust. I am very please with the look.

    1. The most popular stance these days is to have everything a little low. I like the factory stance on the mid-year Vette so the wheels and tires look like they belong.