Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bumpers, Brackets and Bolts

The two front bumper brackets on the left are for something other than a 1963 Corvette.  If you look close you'll also see that they are identical, both for one side.   Fortunately, I was able to pick up an OEM set, the ones on the right.  I believe these were used only in 63 and 64 and the early 63 brackets were extra thick.  But that's what we have, early brackets and an early Corvette.

After sand blasting and painting the brackets I dismantled the front end then installed the brackets.  The  trouble light is hanging off of one.

The bottom of the front grill section gets an aluminum molding cover, 3 pieces fastened with clips and rivets.   Instead of using rivets  I decided to use rivet nuts instead.  You can check out this cool tool here: . The arrow points to 1 of 8 installed.  I am missing the center aluminum section so I'll have to wait to install.  It's due in later this week.

Next are the rear bumpers and exhaust valance.  I jacked the car up using my nifty Race Ramps.

Here are all the brackets needed for the rear bumpers.  Instructions come from the Assembly Manual.

Bumpers are on and looking good.  Duntov's design was intended to mirror the tail lights. 

I installed the valance using stainless steel button hex head bolts.  It's not factory correct but I like it.
All the hardware for the bumpers and brackets are Grade 8.  Unfortunately, the body is sandwiched between the brackets and the bumpers and I am sure even a moderate bump would cause extensive fiberglass damage.  The bumpers are not there to protect the body, I think they're there to destroy it. 

Looking sexy!

I even buffed and clear coated the aluminum license plate frame.

Next will be the windshield and the windshield trim.

Thanks for watching.


  1. Great looking rear end and great work. I always look at the tail light reflection in the bumpers to see the condition of the chrome on the lights. That's why I replaced the tail lights on my 64.

  2. That is a pretty clever idea Jim. I will keep that in mind. I have two full sets of tail lights, this being the best set. These are not new but do present themselves nicely for a driver.

  3. My husband is drooling over my shoulder looking at this. He thinks this is the bumper we need for our corvette. I don't understand cars as much as him but I guess it is pretty cool looking.