Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paint - Cobalt Kandy Blue

Jim Q. asked about how I was going to deal with the transition between the paint in the jambs and the paint on the car.  I used a split foam ribbon which is suppose to eliminate the hard edge left by masking tape.  It adsorbs the paint.  I think it will work well but I won't know for sure until I am done spraying.

The paint booth was set up again but this time I used new tarps on the floor.  The old tarps were dusty and they had dried paint on them, some of which made it in the paint last week.  This should help.

Two medium coats of Cobalt Kandy Blue were applied with 75% overlap followed by three medium coats with 50% overlap. The idea is to change up the spray pattern so stripes don't develop.  Clear coat was not applied.

The racing stripe is nicely ghosted.

Head on it's obvious we have a strip.

But from the side it's not so obvious.  That's a reflection of the garage doors.

Looks good from the rear.

From this angle you can't see the racing strip at all.

Or this angle.

I grabbed a flashlight to make sure we still had metallic.  We do!

 I found a couple runs, a bug or two, and a sprinkling of dust in today's paint job.  So instead of clear coating I decided to stop.  I'll sand out the imperfections over the next couple days then clear coat after that.  It's not what I had planned but it's the right thing to do.  So, until I clear coat, the paint is not finished.


The good news is the car is close to the right color.  It may need one more coat of Kandy but that's yet to be determined.  The bad news is I can't assemble the car yet.  Bummer.

As always, thanks for watching.

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