Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paint - Clear Coat

It took a couple days to wet sand and scuff the entire car.  When it was done it looked blue with a touch of purple.  This is just before I started painting.  Note that I didn't use plastic or tarps for the "paint booth".  I was getting debris in the paint with the booth so I decided to try it without. 

I added two more medium coats of Cobalt Kandy to push the racing stripe back and to darken the blue.  That was followed by 3 coats of clear.  I still ended up with some debris in the paint but it wasn't any more than I had with a booth.  A big shop fan kept the garage well ventilated.  All in all it worked well.

I am so glad I covered the motor with plastic though.  Note the blue on the underside of the hood.  It wipes away with a rag so it's not an issue.
This is not chameleon paint but it does shift in color depending on the light.  With the garage doors open it does have a hint of purple.  It looks really good.

With just the garage lights on it blue.  A very very deep blue.  It is also very nice.

Other than dust nibs and the occasional piece of debris, the paint is laying very flat with very little orange peel.  Note that the racing stripe is barely visible from this angle. 

It looks great from this angle too.

Take a close look at the front fender.  You can see purple.

I am really pleased with the racing stripe.  It's ghosted to just my liking.  Double click on the photo and see for yourself.

The paint looks dark, dark blue from this angle.  It's sweet.

The garage doors are closed in this picture and the shop lights are on.  The car is almost black yet the racing stripe is nicely visible from the rear of the car.  I like it!

As much as I'd like to start bolting things on the car I need to cut and buff the clear coat.  This will remove dust nibs, orange peel (there isn't much) and debris.  It will make the paint job very nice.  Hopefully I won't wet sand through the clear coat.  If I do I'll have to clear coat again.
The color looks great though!

I'll be preoccupied for the next few weeks so don't expect substantial postings during that time.

Thanks for watching!  


  1. I'm glad you obtained the look you want. I know you have lots of sanding experience but be carefull with sanding and buffing, especially on the edges.

  2. Wow. Looks great! Just great!


  3. John, it looks sooooo sick!

  4. Jim, Pat & Ty,

    Thanks so much for the comments. It's nice to know others are following this blog with enough interest to leave a comment. I like the color too! As Ty says, It's sooooo sick!

    Jim, I'll put masking tape over all the edges when I sand. I've sanded through a couple motorcycle paint jobs in the past so I know the hazards. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. John, it looks so cool !!!! Its all coming together now, and will be fun toi watch as you start bolting things onto the car in the future. To me, you are over the hump now. Jim P