Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Corvettes of Carlisle - 2012

Yep, Gerri and I flew to Pennsylvania and did Corvettes of Carlisle, the largest Corvette event and swap meet in existence.  Check out the highlights (from my perspective):

Yes, that's Ty, his wife Bonnie and Gerri.  Ty and Bonnie had us over for the weekend.  Visiting Carlisle was one of the many things we did.  We all had a great time. 

Over the last few years several people have asked why I took on such a needy project.  I had never really questioned it but at some point I guess I started wondering the same thing.  That was until I saw this guys project.  Take a look at the 4 before pictures then look at the completed car in the background.  What this guy did is truly amazing.  Now I feel just fine about our project.  I have no second thoughts at all.

Another view of Corvettes of Carlisle.  I took this picture because I was able to get all 3 empty spaces at the show in one photograph.

This is a really cool race car.  I took this picture because it's what Ty is going to build when he retires.

This was my favorite car at the show, hands down.  If I had had these pictures a couple years ago they would have helped with many aspects of the restoration.  A and B pillars come to mind. 

As I understand it, it's the actual vehicle that GM used at exhibitions.  The cut-aways are awesome.  Check out the transparent valve cover.

I wish I had taken more pictures.  This car is super informative, especially for those that might just be starting a C2 restoration.  I bet if someone tried they could get enough information off of the plaque in the picture to find a web page that has more pictures.  That's a challenge for my blog buddies.  If you find a web page let me know.  I'll post it. 

And finally, I thought I'd post another video.  It's much like the one I posted earlier except this one is narrated by Gerri.  I believe she confirms the color as blue.  Check it out by clicking this link.

Gerri Discusses the Color

That's it.  Work will resume this weekend.  Thanks for watching.


  1. John, have you wet sanded the paint already ? On the stripe issue. I think your result is spot on with what is possible with todays raw materials, techniques, and so on. If you are looking for a period correct car, I think I agree that the ghosting went a bit deep for that......if you want a period, era correct theme. On the otherhand, if that is the only thing that represents today on the car, I for one would want to keep the depth, as its cool. Honestly, if it were a bit deeper (almost gone) you could get by pleasing both? Jim P

  2. The video by Gerri is the best representation of the color and I love it. I have been to Carisle many times but not for the Corvette event. I have, however, talked on the phone with Bill Miller, the guy that owns the event and many outstanding Vettes.

  3. Jim, when you had asked the question I had not wet sanded the car. Check out the new posting I published today.

  4. Jim Q, Corvettes of Carlisle was a blast. You should go there next year and buy a replacement for the Camaro. Lots of choices. Think about it.