Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portland Swap Meet - 2012

Dennis K and I attended the Portland Swap Meet last week.  It was huge as usual.  Here are 3 noteworthy tidbits worth sharing:

1.  I bought 4 signed 1963 Corvette related lithographs that I know little about.  They were previously framed so the edges are not perfect but they do have significant original signatures.  All four are signed by  Zora Duntov and Larry Shinado, two very well know names associated with the Corvette.  You can read about them here: .  Some have a third signature (I think).  I suspect they have value but I really know nothing about them.  If any of you know anything about these I would welcome information.  Here are pictures of each:

2.  I win.  I spent more money than Dennis at the swap meet.  Unfortunately,  I am now a hoarder.  Between Gerri and I we now have 6 vehicles and a motorcycle.  But check out our new acquisition, a 1971 VW bug.  Yes it's Gerri's and no I don't fit behind the wheel.

3.  I spoke with Gary Hodges, one of the few people I consider very knowledgeable about early Corvette mechanical fuel injection units.   Gary shared some valuable information with me and I capture it in this video update.   Check it out here:

I added a post a couple days ago about painting the door and hood jambs.  If you've not checked this web site recently you might have missed it.  Be sure to check it out.

Door skins are next!  I promise.


  1. Here you go. Jim P

  2. Hey Jim. Thanks. Yes, this looks like the site where my litho's originated but I don't see any of the ones I have. Also, the signed ones are by either Larry or Zora. Mine are Larry and Zora. The guy I bought them from explained that Zora was his neighbor. He already had a set signed by Larry and Zora agreed to also sign them. It's an interesting story especially when the litho's are related to the 1963 Corvette. Thanks for the info.

  3. Just watched the "youtube" post and the engine sounds great. It was also an easy start which tells me it is tuned to the max. and ready to go. It really is "a beautiful thing".
    jim q.

  4. Thanks Jim Q. It has been a labor of love and I think we are finally over the hump and past the half way mark. At least we better be.

  5. wheres allthe plastic ? jim p

  6. Jim P. I decided to remove the plastic because it started to get heavy with paint, it started to deteriorate (get brittle) and small pieces of plastic and paint started to become airborn while spray painting. It was a great idea but it had a shelf life and I was starting to exceed it. It removed easily and I would do it again.