Sunday, April 15, 2012

Door Edge Paint Repairs

After the doors were painted last year the rubber moldings were glued in place then the doors were hung so we could work on fitment.  The doors were aligned as best as possible then the body work started.  We fiberglassed some areas and used Bondo in others.  All of this work affected the door edges and now the edges need to be repainted.

  I used a Dremel with a flapper wheel to smooth out the big bumps. The edges were then sanded until smooth.

Some areas were worse than others.  This area had both Bondo and fiberglass.

As was done on the body, the doors were masked to prevent overspray.

A maroon scuff pad was used to remove any remaining gloss.

I used an Iwata C airbrush for all the painting.  Here I am applying the black primer sealer.

The primer sealer was followed by the Lapis Blue, Cobalt Blue Kandy and several coats of clear.

The masking was removed revealing a very nice repair.

There is a fine lip at the edge of the repair.  After this drys for a few days I'll wet sand the edges then buff it back to a bright gloss.

I am pleased.  If it had not turned out this nice I would have had to mask the rubber molding then reshoot the entire door.  This is good though.  It's very nice.

Cool Desert Nights is only a couple months away.  Hopefully we will have the exterior of the car assembled and painted by then.  It's an aggressive expectation but we'll give it a try.


  1. Your explanation of painting the door edges answers my previous question about paint edges. This car will look awesome but don't get in a hurry just to get a painted car to the big show.
    Jim Q.

  2. I'm getting excited, can't wait to see the paint job. Where is Wilson?

  3. Jim Q. Good point as I could see myself doing just that. I will present the car at Cool Desert Nights in whatever condition it is at the time. Thanks for the sanity check.

  4. You know, Wilson has been as scarce lately as his face was a couple years ago. I wonder if he is traveling the USA in that new motorhome and has forgot all about us. Hopefully he will read this and give us an update.