Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ty has Left the Building - Revision 1 (See Post Script)

My good friend, car enthusiast and shop buddy Ty T. has been transferred to a new assignment on the east coast.  It's good for Ty but I have to admit I am going to miss the camaraderie.  Ty has been a part of this build since day one and he's responsible for many of the major decisions and accomplishments made over the last couple years.  I thought it fitting that we recap some of the more memorable times.

This is Ty removing the first bolt on the first day of our restoration.  It was raining that day.  Look close and you'll see his tool of choice was an air chisel.

Safety has always been first.  Yes, that's a garbage bag used to protect him from fiberglass resin.  It's simple but it worked great.

Ty and Wilson.

By far this is the most viewed picture on our blog.  For today, I'll tell you it has nothing to do with the 1963 fuel injected 327 small block engine.

Ty has always been keen on the period correct/era modified vision.  To do that, countless hours of research have been required.  As a result Ty speaks fluent Mechanical Fuel Injection as well as many other 1963 Corvette related languages.    

Never afraid to tackle anything, here he is rebuilding the A-pillar and windshield support.

Grinding, welding, fiberglassing, you name it, he's done it.  More than once I've cringed while watching Ty pull a sledge hammer and crowbar from the tool chest then head for the car. 

Ty helped figure out the solution to at least 5 fatal flaws made during the rebuild of the fuel injection unit (the rebuild was done by others).  In this video Ty, Max, Dennis and I attempt to start the motor for the first time.   That's Max sucking on the vacuum advance line, Dennis is running the throttle, Ty is operating the starter and I am playing with the distributor.  I title this video, How to Suck Start a Chevy.


This is a photo of Ty on a non-Corvette related excursion.  Although it has nothing to do with our build it was the only photograph I could find where Ty wasn't covered in grease, fiberglass or blood.

As I publish this post Ty and his wife are ready to head east.  The good news is his new assignment will bring him back to this area occasionally so I'm sure we'll see him with a crowbar and hammer again.

Thanks for everything Ty and good luck with your new assignment!

At the recommendation of my brother Jim, Ty T. has secretly signed our Corvette.  I don't know where it is but I am told if you make a guess in the comments section of this blog Ty will let you know if you guessed right.  If you've been following this blog since the beginning Ty says there is enough information in the photo to make a good guess.  I am not going to look for it so I hope you guess and guess right.
Good luck!


  1. Have Ty sign his name in some secret place on the car before he leaves. He earned it ! All the best Ty. Jim P

  2. Excellent idea! I'll see that it happens.

  3. Wow John

    Its kind of like watching one or your favorite HBO series and your favorite actor gets eliminated in one of the scenes. I will miss him as well. It's strange to imagine, but here I set on the other side of the world and one of the few daily pleasures is to open the blog and see whats happening today. I am absolutely certain you will miss him.


  4. Max,

    Yes, this is going to be different. Ty has not only been an essential part of this build but he has also been a best friend. I know we will see each other again but it will be different without Ty hammering away in the garage. Without getting sappy I'll just say I am sorry to see him go.

  5. Inside the left Fender under the side indentation! Whats the prize? Danny

  6. Danny,

    If you are correct you get bragging rights as the first to guess correctly, But you can not brag until we hear back from Ty. It will be a few days as he is still traveling. Thanks for watching ( and guessing).

  7. Guess that is something in it's own. I'v got a 64 that began life as a fuely. All that long gone. A winter project several winters ago. Been watching for about a year. Started acquiring some peaces again when I can afford it. Sadly many things no longer in my reach. But watching this has renewed my interest in the ol' girl again. Thank's for putting all out to bare. Danny

  8. Danny,

    Thanks for your comment. You are not the first person to say you have gained renewed interest in your project as a result of this blog. That was never the intent of this blog but I like it. I hope you break out the wrenches, have fun and keep us posted of your progress. Best regards.

  9. Danny,
    Sorry but you are going to need to guess again :-(